[English Sub.] Introduction of Bubbles Star by O2 Bubbles

This ready-to-use product calls bubbles star.Its base is made of 100% ABS plastic. It is loaded by Portland cement to be able used in any salted water.It weighs about 1.7 kilograms.There are 6 branches of outflow pipe. Which comprised of 20 cm O2 bubbles hose. You may ask how long hose you should use. The appropriate length of O2 bubbles hose is between 20 and 40 centimeter The installation is easy. Just plug O2 bubbles to an air pump and placing air pipes aside of O2 bubbles.The air inflow pipe of bubbles star is located on the side of its base.It is suitable to long-distance air pipe system because air hoses are difficult to be bent. Bubbles star can be used in hatchery, nursery, earthen pond, shrimp, fish pond, fish net farm, microbial fermentation tank and water treatment systems. CONTACT : +66-84-465-4590, +66-84-465-5199 E-mail : kasipantarut@gmail.com www.kasipantarut.com