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Bubbles Star
Bubbles Star Bubbles Star Bubbles Star Bubbles Star Bubbles Star Bubbles Star Bubbles Star

Bubbles Star

Product code: 52-O2BS-001

Innovation for aeration system :  Aeration Products are ideal for aquaculture management, live aquatic animals, aquarium and waste water treatment.

   O2 Bubbles aeration hose is strong and durable. It creates fine bubbles which help increase dissolved oxygen efficiently as well as ensure even temperature throughout the pond. . Therefore, the survival rate of live aquatic animals will increase.  O2 Bubbles aeration hose are bendable to many shapes to suit with usages for example:  circle, rectangle, and panel


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Ready to use DIY Aeration Kit : Bubbles Star 

Product details :

  • Aeration hose length of 20 cm per stick. Total of 6 sticks  -  Diameter 50 cm

  • ABS plastic for double protection  

  • Weight 1.7 kg.  

  • Air inflow 20 mm. from the side 

  • Fine bubbles outflow from the top

Product features :

  • Easy to use and maintain

  • Prevents particles from sedimentation and promote oxygen dispersion                          

  • 1 set can aerate from underwater covering up to 2 sq. m.

Product usage :

  • Air flow rate of 120 liters/minute

  • Can be use with blower such as Supercharger,  Ringblower, UD pump, Piston Air Compressor.
  • Can be used for hatchery, nursery, earthen pond, transportation, fish tank, microorganism fermentation tank, plankton tank, biofloc, semi-biofloc system, and waste water treatment.

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